Manufacture of lacquered surfaces

Manufacture of lacquered surfaces at Krasoprema d.o.o. is one of the core practices. The past technology of lacquering with polyester and polyurethane lacquers has been replaces with a new UV line technology. Manufacture of lacquered surfaces with UV hardening lacquers ensures the lacquered surfaces are extremely hard as well as mechanically and chemically resistant.

UV technology does not pose a problem for matte lacquering, but it is especially excellent when performing the most demanding of lacquering: high gloss lacquering. Because other manufacturers have a hard time achieving a high gloss lacquer finish we have become the go-to company at home and abroad for furniture manufacturers looking for just that.

Our extremely high quality manufacture of lacquered furniture elements with a high gloss puts our company among the best, but we also offer products from our own in-house furniture production, which spans furniture for bedrooms, kids’ rooms, living rooms and anterooms.




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