Affordable high quality manufacture of lacquered furniture elements 

Manufacture of lacquered furniture element for modern furniture is most often performed using medium-density fiberboards (MDF) and chipboards, which are lacquered to a matte, semimatte or high gloss. Matte lacquer creates a peaceful, non-glossy look and velvety effect, semimatte or silk-matte as we call it is a surface, which has a silky gloss and is easy and fast to clean because of its normal processed chipboard. If you wish to get rid of fingerprints on your surfaces then a high gloss finish is the one for you.

A lot of our furniture is made with a high gloss, mostly in white and beige, but of course we also offer other tints. As for materials which are available for processing, MDF boards are the priciest, but also of the highest quality. However, in our production lines it is high gloss lacquered chipboards which are used the most. Such surfaces are easy to clean, which means you only need to wipe it with a wet cloth and mild cleaning product.

The choice whether the manufacture of lacquered furniture elements should include matte lacquer or high gloss lacquer is completely up to your particular taste. Choose the one which will fit you best, everything else is in our purview.

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